Ms. Chayna Lowe has been an Early Childhood Educator for more than 22 years, where she has held many positions including the Director at different child care facilities. Chayna comes to us with a strong Early Childhood Education background along with her Montessori education. Her strong appreciation towards Montessori method of learning makes her a true Montessorian. Chayna also has experience in following the Abecedarian approach with children. She loves spending her time with children and guiding them through the Montessori approach. Her personal values go hand in hand with the values of Bambini Montessori Preschool, taking pride in our three major strengths: our quality care, love and the education that we provide for our children.

“It has been an exciting journey to learn more methods of teaching children. Every day the children continue to amaze me as they take on new tasks and master them so quickly. The look in their eyes and the pride they show when they master a new task is what motivates me each and every day! I look forward to getting to know you and your child(ren) as we venture into all of the exciting avenues that the Montessori method allows!”- Chayna Lowe

"From your safe hands to ours"- Bambini Montessori Preschool